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The Easiest Ukulele Chord to Learn (that’s still useful)

The Easiest Ukulele Chord to Learn (that’s still useful)

When you’re starting out learning something, it’s good to take the path of least resistance. This means finding those short cuts that will help you get going and feeling motivated. With the ukulele, that means learning easier chords first and then more difficult ones later. Today we’re going to look at the easiest ukulele chord to learn (that is still useful to learn.)

What makes a Chord easy to learn?

A difficult chord requires you to use a lot of fingers on the fretboard in unusual positions. Barring is especially difficult for beginners but it’s more than just that. long stretches also make chords difficult to. So for an easy chord, we want something that

  • involves as few fingers as possible.
  • doesn’t involve barring
  • that is comfortable
  • that is easy to avoid muting strings.
    So what is it?

C major is the easiest (and still useful) Ukulele chord

C major involves holding down one string on the third fret. It has the advantage that it is easy to keep the rest of your fingers out of the way while you hold the string down unlike A minor where you also have only one string to fret but you keep your hand over the rest of the strings.

c major chord on the Ukulele made with paper by 53

Here’s how to play C major on the ukulele.

There are a few small different ways to play the C major chord involving different fingers. It’s really up to you which finger you choose but I’d suggest using your ring finger. That will set you up right for some future chords you learn as you learn to use your index finger on the first fret, middle finger on the second and ring finger on the third fret. (but if you want to use your index fret to start, go for it).

Put the tip of your finger down on the string and apply enough pressure so that you get a clear sound. Here’s an image to help.

C major on the ukulele

this is being played using the index finger not the ring finger).

Other easy (and useful) Ukulele chords.

Although C is the easiest (and also occurs a lot!) it is not the only easy (and useful) Ukulele chord which is easy to learn. The following chords are also easier than some abstract Jazz chords.

A minor

A minor on the ukulele made with paper by fifty threeA minor is actually the relative minor of C and also involves only fretting one string (the g-string on the second fret). it is only a tad more difficult than playing C as you need to avoid muting the other strings below it.

A Minor 7

A minor 7 is actually the chord you play when you strum all the strings without fretting a single note. It is by far the easiest to play, but as it is a minor chord and a 7th, it isn’t as useful as the humble C.

Other single fretted chords

There are also several other chords that involve only fretting only one string (revolving around C and A) including

  • A7
  • C7

Chords where you only need to fret two strings

Then there are some chords which involve only fretting two strings. This is more difficult than only fretting a single string but they are still simple to get the hang of.

  • F
  • A
  • D7 (the easier version)

What’s next!

There are some songs where you only need a couple of chords and so you could play them using some of the chords above. However, many more songs require three or four chords and at that point you need to learn a couple of extra (not quite so easy) chords. If you’d like to get a great printable with all the fundamental ukulele chords. Sign up below and we’ll send it straight away (along with some great deals and our latest lessons.)

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