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To help you out as a Ukulele player, I’ve made some great resources to help you with not just the fundamentals but also provide you with practice material and reference material. To get these free resources, just sign up to become a Ukulele Academy Soprano Member. It’s completely free and not only will you get all the free resources below but also PDF copies of every song we transcribe and exclusive special offers.

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Uke University Fundamental chords

The Ukulele Academy Fundamental Chords PDF is a simple printable sheet that include the most useful Chords that will help you fast track learning the Ukulele. This is not a complete list of every Ukulele chord but just the ones that are most likely to appear in your songs.

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Uke University Key Chart

The Ukulele Academy Key Chart is a powerful tool for helping you write songs and also work out how to play a song. Most songs stick to a songs “key” so if you know or choose a key and play these chords, you’ll be alright. What separates this from some Key charts you’ll find on the internet, is this shows you the ukulele chords rather than just showing the letter.

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2 Chord Ukulele Songs

What better way to get started with the Ukulele than with two chord songs. These songs contain only 2 chords each, this helps reduce the difficulty when you are starting out as you only have to focus on two chords and not a whole host. It also makes it much easier to know which chord you need to switch to next.

By the way, these can be a great challenge if you are more experienced too as you need to be more creative to keep these two chords songs interesting.

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This is an evolving page and will be updated with more free resources as soon as they are available. Remember to sign up for our mailing list if you want to get these resources for free.