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Learn to Play Stressed out by Twenty One Pilots

Learn to Play Stressed out by Twenty One Pilots

If you play the Ukulele, it’s hard not to hear about twenty one pilots at the moment. They’re massive and thanks to Tyler Joseph’s use of the Ukulele, it’s helped promote the Ukulele to a whole new group of people. Today we’re going to learn to play a live version of stressed out by twenty one pilots which focuses on the Ukulele only. Here’s a video to check out.

Okay, let’s dive into the different parts


In this section we’ve got a few more interesting chords that Tyler plays. The pattern goes. F, DM, and then Am with some little variations. Such as starting with a grace note on the G string on the third fret. Then it rises to the fifth string on the G string and the fourth fret on the C string.

stressed out ukulele verse strumming pattern gif

As for strumming we want to follow a d-d-rest-u-d like so below.

stressed out ukulele strumming pattern verse



In the chorus, the chords change but they still follow the same strumming pattern as before.

stressed out chorus strumming pattern ukulele

stressed out ukulele chorus strumming pattern gif


In the bridge section the chords are slightly different. We move from A minor to G, then C and finally E, then repeat. (The second time Tyler starts differently moving from F to E minor then A minor before going to E minor again. Then he goes back to the same pattern as before). The rhythm also changes significantly and becomes a staccato rhythm strumming on the off beat. Tyler mutes his strings after each chord to help create that effect.

stressed out ukulele bridge strumming pattern gif

stressed out bridge strumming pattern ukulele

There you have it, stressed out. Feel free to download, pin/share the image below.

stressed out twenty one pilots ukulele chords

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