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Ukulele Player Christmas gifts

Ukulele Player Christmas gifts

Well, Christmas isn’t far away now, and it can be hard to know what to get for the ukulele player in your life. As such, here are some simple Ukulele Player Christmas gifts for 2017 that are bound to please the ukeist in your life. This year I have arranged them in order of price so you can work out your budget and find appropriate ideas there unlike last years list which was arrange by theme.

Under $10 Ukulele Player Christmas gifts

There are a surprisingly high number of items that you can get for under $10. That’s because there are a lot of fairly cheap accessories which, while they aren’t essential for the Ukulele, they can add something more.

Clip on tuner

I’m a huge fan of clip on tuners. You could use an app on your phone (or a website), but a clip on tuner is much better as it can be used even in a noisy environment where other musicians are tuning and doesn’t require a cable to be plugged in.


Everyone needs to change their strings every now and again, they lose tone and occasionally break as well. This will probably happen more if you have a lower quality ukulele whose frets damage the string more. Unfortunately, strings aren’t as fancy as some other gifts (they don’t let you do anything new) so they might not be received as well.

Some different options include

WARNING: Make sure they fit your ukulele size


A capo raises the pitch of your ukulele by in effect acting as an extra finger barring the fret it is on. These are much more common in the guitar world, but they can be fun to experiment with on the ukulele. You can also get some more unique capos that block only certain strings and not them all.


Some people will tell you that real ukulele players don’t use straps. Whatever, you be you and I’ll be me. A strap can let you hold the ukulele in a different way opening up different strumming options. Plus it helps reduce the risk of dropping your precious instrument. Some are slings, which only support the ukulele at the neck, others hold both ends of the ukulele.


A good songbook comes with a guaranteed quality attached to its name and interesting music to learn to play knowing that it is support the artists behind the music too. Really great ones may include some guides into how to play a new style and the songs inside.

Under $25 Ukulele Player Christmas gifts

Ukulele for dummies second editionSongbook

Unfortunately not every Ukulele song book comes in at under $10. Some cost more and that’s why I’ve included a few more in this section.

Ukulele Stand

Keep your Ukulele upright and ready to be played with a great ukulele stand. Put it by your bed so you’re ready to play first thing in the day, or by your sofa for when you just want to relax.

Ukulele T-shirt

Show off your love for the ukulele all the time. Check out our Christmas Ukulele T-shirt campaign OR our regular T-shirts.

Ukulele soft case

If you want to take your ukulele somewhere, especially on your back, then a soft case will keep it protected from the elements and offer a little protection as well as making it much easier to carry. There are plenty of options including.

Under $50 Ukulele Player Christmas gifts

Cheap Ukulele

Sure, you can cheaper ukulele’s but you probably shouldn’t. A stupidly cheap one is just throwing your way, and it doesn’t take much to dramatically improve the quality of the ukulele that you play. By the way, you might think it is silly to have more than one ukulele but I disagree. There are different sizes, electric ukuleles and you might want a ukulele in a different tuning. So having a couple is definitely worth it.

Here are a couple of under $50 suggestions.

blue snowball micCheapish Microphone

If you want to record yourself on your ukulele then a blue snowball wouldn’t be a bad choice. You can currently get it for $49 so it’s just Under $50 and for that you can a usb Microphone than can be used with a Mac or PC. Alternatively, for recording with an iOS device, you might want to look at the iRig products which include interfaces for Microphones, pickups for accoustic guitars and ukuleles and more.

Under $100 Ukulele Player Christmas gifts

More expensive ukulele

A little but more money and some really nice ukuleles start to become available. You really could be very happy with these one’s forever (of course we’ll look at some more expensive ones in a second).

Ukulele hard case

A hard case will offer you a bit more protection than a soft case but with a little extra weight and rigidity, some also don’t come with carrying straps (which is worth paying attention to the description). A good one will excel in every areas though,

boss loop station looper pedalLooper pedal

Want to accompany yourself at a gig or at home? Then maybe you should check out a looper pedal. If you plug in an electric uke then you can create a drum rhythm by hitting the uke and strings and a background melody to work on top of. Check out the great options

More expensive Microphone

A slightly more expensive microphone which has usb, XLR and lightning cable support is the blue yeti pro. This mic can be use directionally or to pick up sound around you too.

Ukulele Amp

Of course, you can use a regular guitar amp with your ukulele, but an acoustic amp will be tailored more to the Ukuleles sound and type of pickups. Producing a clear sound without distortion.

Over $100 Ukulele Player Christmas gifts

Recording software

While there are some really great free recording software that you can get for PC, mac and iOS (including GarageBand and audacity) you might want to spend a bit of cash for some more professional recording software.

beautiful koa ukulele expensiveExpensive and Super Expensive Ukulele

Of course, you can spend a heck of a lot more on a Ukulele, so here are a selection of much more expensive and lustworthy ukuleles and ukulele brands to check out…if money isn’t an issue.

Which Christmas would you like?

Is there something on this list that has caught your fancy? Or maybe there is something else you’d like to get for Christmas, leave a comment below.


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